Guessit 3 has introduced breaking changes from previous versions. You can find in this file all information required to perform a migration from previous version 2.x.


No changes.


Some properties have been renamed.

  • format is now source.


The major changes in GuessIt 3 are around the values. Values were renamed in order to keep consistency and to be more intuitive. Acronyms are uppercase (e.g.: HDTV). Names follow the official name (e.g.: Blu-ray). Words have only the first letter capitalized (e.g.: Camera) except prepositions (e.g.: on) which are all lowercase.

The following values were changed:

source (former format property)

  • Cam is now Camera or HD Camera
  • Telesync is now Telesync or HD Telesync
  • PPV is now Pay-per-view
  • DVB is now Digital TV
  • VOD is now Video on Demand
  • WEBRip is now Web with additional property other: Rip
  • WEB-DL is now Web
  • AHDTV is now Analog HDTV
  • UHDTV is now Ultra HDTV
  • HDTC is now HD Telecine


  • 360i was added.
  • 480i was added.
  • 576i was added.
  • 900i was added.
  • 4K is now 2160p
  • 4320p was added.


  • h264 is now H.264
  • h265 is now H.265
  • Mpeg2 is now MPEG-2
  • Real is now RealVideo
  • XviD is now Xvid


  • BP is now Baseline.
  • HP is now High.
  • XP is now Extended.
  • MP is now Main.
  • Hi422P is now High 4:2:2.
  • Hi444PP is now High 4:4:4 Predictive.
  • High 10 was added.
  • 8bit was removed. 8bit is detected as color_depth: 8-bit
  • 10bit was removed. 10bit is detected as color_depth: 10-bit


  • DTS-HD was added.
  • AC3 is now Dolby Digital
  • EAC3 is now Dolby Digital Plus
  • TrueHD is now Dolby TrueHD
  • DolbyAtmos is now Dolby Atmos.


  • HE is now High Efficiency.
  • LC is now Low Complexity.
  • HQ is now High Quality.
  • HDMA is now Master Audio.


  • Collector Edition is now Collector
  • Special Edition is now Special
  • Criterion Edition is now Criterion
  • Deluxe Edition is now Deluxe
  • Limited Edition is now Limited
  • Theatrical Edition is now Theatrical
  • Director's Definitive Cut was added.


  • Oav and Ova were removed. They are now other: Original Animated Video
  • Omake is now Extras
  • Final was added.


  • Rip was added. E.g.: DVDRip will output other: Rip
  • DDC was removed. DDC is now edition: Director's Definitive Cut
  • CC was removed. CC is now edition: Criterion
  • FINAL was removed. FINAL is now episode_details: Final
  • Original Animated Video was added.
  • OV is now Original Video
  • AudioFix is now Audio Fixed
  • SyncFix is now Sync Fixed
  • DualAudio is now Dual Audio
  • Fansub is now Fan Subtitled
  • Fastsub is now Fast Subtitled
  • FullHD is now Full HD
  • UltraHD is now Ultra HD
  • mHD and HDLight are now Micro HD
  • HQ is now High Quality
  • HR is now High Resolution
  • LD is now Line Dubbed
  • MD is now Mic Dubbed
  • Low Definition was added.
  • LiNE is now Line Audio
  • R5 is now Region 5
  • Region C was added.
  • ReEncoded is now Reencoded
  • WideScreen is now Widescreen