Guessed values are cleaned up and given in a readable format which may not match exactly the raw filename.

So, for instance,

  • DVDSCR will be guessed as format = DVD + other = Screener
  • 1920x1080 will be guessed as screenSize = 1080p
  • DD5.1 will be guessed as audioCodec = DolbyDigital + audioChannel = 5.1

Main properties

  • type

    Type of the file.

    • unknown, movie, episode, moviesubtitle, episodesubtitle
  • title

    Title of movie or episode.

  • alternative_title

    Other titles found for movie.

  • container

    Container of the file.

    • 3g2, wmv, webm, mp4, avi, mp4a, mpeg, sub, mka, m4v, ts, mkv, ra, rm, wma, ass, mpg, ram, 3gp, ogv, mov, ogm, asf, divx, ogg, ssa, qt, idx, nfo, wav, flv, 3gp2, iso, mk2, srt
  • mimetype

    Mime type of the related container. Guessed values may vary based on OS native support of mime type.

  • date

    Date found in filename.

  • year

    Year of movie (or episode).

  • release_group

    Name of (non)scene group that released the file.

  • website

    Name of website contained in the filename.

  • streaming_service

    Name of the streaming service (Netflix, Comedy Central, ...)

Episode properties

  • season

    Season number. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • episode

    Episode number. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • episode_count

    Total number of episodes.

  • season_count

    Total number of seasons.

  • episode_details

    Some details about the episode.

    • Bonus Oav Ova Omake Extras Unaired Special Pilot
  • episode_format

    Episode format of the series.

    • Minisode
  • part

    Part number of the video. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • version

    Version of the episode.

    • In anime fansub scene, new versions are released with tag <episode>v[0-9].

Video properties

  • format

    Format of the initial source

  • screen_size

    Resolution of video. - 720p 1080p 1080i <width>x<height> 4K 360p 368p 480p 576p 900p

  • video_codec Codec used for video.

    • h264 h265 DivX XviD Real Mpeg2
  • video_profile Codec profile used for video.

    • 8bit 10bit HP BP MP XP Hi422P Hi444PP
  • video_api API used for the video.

    • DXVA

Audio properties

  • audio_channels

    Number of channels for audio.

    • 1.0 2.0 5.1 7.1
  • audio_codec Codec used for audio.

    • DTS TrueHD AAC AC3 MP3 Flac DolbyDigital DolbyAtmos
  • audio_profile The codec profile used for audio.


Localization properties

  • country

    Country(ies) of content. Often found in series, Shameless (US) for instance.

    • [<babelfish.Country>] (This class equals name and iso code)
  • language

    Language(s) of the audio soundtrack.

    • [<babelfish.Language>] (This class equals name and iso code)
  • subtitle_language

    Language(s) of the subtitles.

    • [<babelfish.Language>] (This class equals name and iso code)

Other properties

  • bonus

    Bonus number.

  • bonus_title

    Bonus title.

  • cd

    CD number.

  • cd_count

    Total count of CD.

  • crc32

    CRC32 of the file.

  • uuid

    Volume identifier (UUID).

  • size

    Size (MB, GB, TB).

  • edition

    Edition of the movie.

    • Special Edition, Collector Edition, Director's cut, Criterion Edition, Deluxe Edition, Theatrical Edition, Limited Edition
  • film

    Film number of this movie.

  • film_title

    Film title of this movie.

  • film_series

    Film series of this movie.

  • other

    Other property will appear under this property.

    • Fansub, HR, HQ, Screener, Unrated, HD, UltraHD, 3D, SyncFix, Bonus,

    WideScreen, Fastsub, R5, AudioFix, DDC, Trailer, Complete, Limited, Classic, Proper, DualAudio, LiNE, LD, MD, XXX, Remastered, Extended, Extended Cut, Alternative Cut, Uncut, Retail, ReEncoded, Mux, Hardcoded Subtitles, Converted, Colorized, Documentary, Festival, FINAL, Internal, Open Matte, Read NFO, Uncensored, Straight to Video, Original Aspect Ratio, West Coast Feed, East Coast Feed