Python module usageΒΆ

The main entry points to the python module are the guess_file_info, guess_movie_info and guess_episode_info.

The guess_file_info function will try to autodetect the type of the file, either movie, moviesubtitle, movieinfo, episode, episodesubtitle or episodeinfo.

Pass them the filename and the desired information type:

>>> import guessit
>>> path = 'Movies/Dark City (1998)/Dark.City.(1998).DC.BDRip.720p.DTS.X264-CHD.mkv'
>>> guess = guessit.guess_movie_info(path, info=['filename'])
>>> print type(guess)
<class 'guessit.guess.Guess'>
>>> print guess
{'videoCodec': 'h264', 'container': 'mkv', 'format': 'BluRay',
'title': 'Dark City', 'releaseGroup': 'CHD', 'screenSize': '720p',
'year': 1998, 'type': 'movie', 'audioCodec': 'DTS'}
>>> print guess.nice_string()
    [1.00] "videoCodec": "h264",
    [1.00] "container": "mkv",
    [1.00] "format": "BluRay",
    [0.60] "title": "Dark City",
    [1.00] "releaseGroup": "CHD",
    [1.00] "screenSize": "720p",
    [1.00] "year": 1998,
    [1.00] "type": "movie",
    [1.00] "audioCodec": "DTS"

A Guess instance is a dictionary which has an associated confidence for each of the properties it has.

A Guess instance is also a python dict instance, so you can use it wherever you would use a normal python dict.

If you have the Enzyme python package installed, then the guess_video_metadata function is also available, which will return a guess with the properties from the video file metadata.

GuessIt is a python library that tries to extract as much information as possible from a file.

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