class guessit.matcher.IterativeMatcher(filename, options=None, **kwargs)

An iterative matcher tries to match different patterns that appear in the filename.

The filetype argument indicates which type of file you want to match. If it is undefined, the matcher will try to see whether it can guess that the file corresponds to an episode, or otherwise will assume it is a movie.

The recognized filetype values are: ['subtitle', 'info', 'movie', 'moviesubtitle', 'movieinfo', 'episode', 'episodesubtitle', 'episodeinfo']

options is a dict of options values to be passed to the transformations used by the matcher.

The IterativeMatcher works mainly in 2 steps:

First, it splits the filename into a match_tree, which is a tree of groups which have a semantic meaning, such as episode number, movie title, etc...

The match_tree created looks like the following:

0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 111
0000011111111111112222222222222233333333444444444444444455555555666777777778888888 000
0000000000000000000000000000000001111112011112222333333401123334000011233340000000 000
xxxxxttttttttttttt               ffffff  vvvv    xxxxxx  ll lll     xx xxx         ccc

The first 3 lines indicates the group index in which a char in the filename is located. So for instance, x264 (in the middle) is the group (0, 4, 1), and it corresponds to a video codec, denoted by the letter v in the 4th line. (for more info, see guess.matchtree.to_string)

Second, it tries to merge all this information into a single object containing all the found properties, and does some (basic) conflict resolution when they arise.

GuessIt is a python library that tries to extract as much information as possible from a file.

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