Guessed values are cleaned up and given in a readable format which may not match exactly the raw filename.

So, for instance,

  • DVDSCR will be guessed as format = DVD + other = Screener
  • 1920x1080 will be guessed as screenSize = 1080p
  • DD5.1 will be guessed as audioCodec = DolbyDigital + audioChannel = 5.1

Main properties

  • type

    Type of the file.

    • unknown, movie, episode, moviesubtitle, episodesubtitle
  • title

    Title of movie or episode.

  • alternative_title

    Other titles found for movie.

  • container

    Container of the file.

    • 3g2, wmv, webm, mp4, avi, mp4a, mpeg, sub, mka, m4v, ts, mkv, ra, rm, wma, ass, mpg, ram, 3gp, ogv, mov, ogm, asf, divx, ogg, ssa, qt, idx, nfo, wav, flv, 3gp2, iso, mk2, srt
  • mimetype

    Mime type of the related container. Guessed values may vary based on OS native support of mime type.

  • date

    Date found in filename.

  • year

    Year of movie (or episode).

  • release_group

    Name of (non)scene group that released the file.

  • website

    Name of website contained in the filename.

  • streaming_service

    Name of the streaming service (Netflix, Comedy Central, ...)

Episode properties

  • season

    Season number. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • episode

    Episode number. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • episode_count

    Total number of episodes.

  • season_count

    Total number of seasons.

  • episode_details

    Some details about the episode.

    • Bonus Oav Ova Omake Extras Unaired Special Pilot
  • episode_format

    Episode format of the series.

    • Minisode
  • part

    Part number of the video. (Can be a list if several are found)

  • version

    Version of the episode.

    • In anime fansub scene, new versions are released with tag <episode>v[0-9].

Video properties

  • format

    Format of the initial source

    • TV HDTV AHDTV HDTC SATRip WEB-DL VOD BluRay DVD WEBRip Workprint Telecine VHS DVB Telesync HD-DVD PPV Cam
  • screen_size

    Resolution of video. - 720p 1080p 1080i <width>x<height> 4K 360p 368p 480p 576p 900p

  • video_codec Codec used for video.

    • h264 h265 DivX XviD Real Mpeg2
  • video_profile Codec profile used for video.

    • 8bit 10bit HP BP MP XP Hi422P Hi444PP
  • video_api API used for the video.

    • DXVA

Audio properties

  • audio_channels

    Number of channels for audio.

    • 1.0 2.0 5.1 7.1
  • audio_codec Codec used for audio.

    • DTS TrueHD AAC AC3 MP3 Flac DolbyDigital DolbyAtmos
  • audio_profile The codec profile used for audio.


Localization properties

  • country

    Country(ies) of content. Often found in series, Shameless (US) for instance.

    • [<babelfish.Country>] (This class equals name and iso code)
  • language

    Language(s) of the audio soundtrack.

    • [<babelfish.Language>] (This class equals name and iso code)
  • subtitle_language

    Language(s) of the subtitles.

    • [<babelfish.Language>] (This class equals name and iso code)

Other properties

  • bonus

    Bonus number.

  • bonus_title

    Bonus title.

  • cd

    CD number.

  • cd_count

    Total count of CD.

  • crc32

    CRC32 of the file.

  • uuid

    Volume identifier (UUID).

  • edition

    Edition of the movie.

    • Special Edition, Collector Edition, Director's cut, Criterion Edition, Deluxe Edition
  • film

    Film number of this movie.

  • film_title

    Film title of this movie.

  • film_series

    Film series of this movie.

  • other

    Other property will appear under this property.

    • Fansub, HR, HQ, Netflix, Screener, Unrated, HD, 3D, SyncFix, Bonus,

    WideScreen, Fastsub, R5, AudioFix, DDC, Trailer, Complete, Limited, Classic, Proper, DualAudio, LiNE, CC, LD, MD, XXX, Remastered, Extended, Extended Cut, Uncut, Retail